Pitchcraft is one of the industry leaders in the design, manufacture and commissioning of Drop in Wickets (Portable Pitches) using a unique and efficient method'.

Pitchcraft can provide the complete package tailored to specific needs of the venue and fixture. Pitchcraft logistics are available for supply and install.

Package includes:

  • - Design - full or half pitch design capability
  • - Manufacture
  • - Installation and removal
  • - Preparation
  • - Storage
  • - Off season maintenance

Free Draining Base

Unique peer and beam design that provides the stability for preparation and accommodation of the pitch and then a free draining profile for alternative sporting codes post cricket.

Standard Lifting Gear

Utilising a series of standard spreader bars, chains and the 'Keylock' lugs, the pitch can be easily relocated with readily available cranes (100 ton minimum). No specialised frame or lifting machine required.

'Keylock' Lifting Lugs

Specifically designed and certified inserts that twist, lock and lift over the centre to avoid distortion and stresses on the frame without compromising the surface or edges of the pitch.


  • - Heavy duty galvanised steel frame will last a lifetime
  • - 'Keylock' over centre lifting lugs prevents distortion during lift
  • - 15 ton per half


  • - Unique lifting system for use with standard lifting gear
  • - Free draining, stable base will not compromise profile for alternative sporting codes
  • - 'Keylock' lifting lugs
  • - Can be installed on existing base or pitchcraft designed porous base

For more information about Port-A-Pitch contact (03) 9314 1271 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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